Build. Create. Make.

November 18th, 2017
9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Polsky Exchange North

Uncommon Makes is a day-long experience focused on encouraging University of Chicago students to engage with new technologies, build a project of their own, and get involved with the tech community on campus. We'll provide space, food, workshops, time, and support for you to have a uniquely uncommon time.



Learning Tracks

Web Development Web
Browser Extension Self-Guided
Description Learn how to put the pieces of web development together! Workshops will teach basic concepts, and then you can build your own website or a fun web app. Build something fun with web technologies, such as augmented/ virtual reality, or something using tools from the Chicago Shady Dealer. Make using the internet more cool. Manipulate web pages however you choose, or add useful features like a funky new tab page to your web browser, all using web technologies. Explore something different! Learn a new technology or dive deeper into something you're already familiar with, with mentors and other students to bounce ideas off of.
Skill Level No programming experience assumed! Programming experience helpful but no specific language necessary Programming experience helpful but no specific language necessary Intermediate and advanced programmers
Learning Style Guided with workshops Guided with optional workshops in specific project areas Self-directed work with mentors to help Self-directed work